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Solquest Solana Web3 Game

Solquest is a browser game I've recently started working on that includes multiplayer websocket support across multiple browsers, chat, and basic AI. I am still adding features like integration with the Solana blockchain, other worlds, combat, and more. Please note that the version deployed likely includes bugs as it's a work in progress

Version 2 Solquest

On 10/2/22 I shipped another version to that adds the following features / improvements:

  • Multiplayer support (i.e. multiple players can exist in the same world)
  • Audio toggle support
  • Improved styling and more AI bots

Here's some screenshots:

Here is a quick video demo as well:

I may also pivot to the Godot engine as there's several tutorials that have more advanced features I could build on top of like map editors and a combat system.

Version 1 Solworld

On 9-27/22 I started working on a Solana web3 game built on top of the excellent tutorial by Chris Courses titled "Pokemon JavaScript Game Tutorial with HTML Canvas". However, I wanted to add multiplayer support along with support for transactions through the Solana blockchain.

On that day, I must've been overcaffeniated but ended up staying up until 2:40am getting parts of the multiplayer support to work through websockets.