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Save Money from Target

Recently, I discovered a trick to save money from Target if you live in a high cost of living area. I noticed that Target charges different prices at different stores and particularly different states, if you change the Target store you're viewing.

For example, a "Sensitive Skin Baby Wipes with Moisturizing Lotion (Up & Up)" package of 736 wipes costs $16.99 in Mechanicsburg, PA but $20.99 in Sunnyvale, CA.

If you live in Sunnyvale, CA, it doesn't make sense to fly to Mechanicsburg, PA to pick up the product, but surprisingly if you choose the Shipping option and make at least a $35 minimum purchase then respects the price of the selected store (i.e. Mechanicsburg in this example).

This applies to many products, like the "Disposable Diapers Pack - up & up size 4 200 count" as well.

So instead of paying $104.94 after taxes with my purchase of 2 diapers and wipes, I instead paid $92.54 for the same items. Hopefully this trick continues to work and helps someone out there!